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Since all Home Guard windows are sealed with Super Spacer technology, you will help eliminate condensation from your windows. Reducing condensation lessens the chance for molds and other allergens to grow, not to mention the problem of water running down your woodwork.

Super Spacer premium blocks the heat escape path and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry. But most importantly, Super Spacer Premium eliminates concerns about harmful molds protecting the health of you and your family. Think healthy...Think Health Smart Windows.

All Vinyl is not Created Equal  - Home Guard

All Vinyl is not Created Equal

Vinyl is clearly the superior material for windows. No maintenance, excellent insulation, and strong beyond belief. Home Guard vinyl has been chemically formulated to out-perform the competition in color and performance tests.

Home Guard is Designed for Performance

Designed for Performance

The better living design of the Home Guard "SYSTEM" starts with thick walls of vinyl in a multi-cavity frame. Unique features like interlocking sashes, multi-weather stripped frames and easy-drain sloped sills provide maximum defense against air and water infiltration.

Home Guard Product developers believe Better Glass Makes Better Windows

Better Glass Makes Better Windows

Insulated glass is the largest surface of a window. Home Guard uses Super Spacer Premium, a unique white cellular spacer that offers almost no opportunity for cold or heat to be transferred. When Super Spacer Premium is combined with high efficiency Ti-R Comfort E, the result is EnergyGuard money saving glass. Home Guard double pane glass units are manufactured with double strength glass to greatly aid in sound reduction and accidental breakage.

  • Energy Guard Annealed Double Strength Insulated Glass with Super Spacer Premium.
  • Energy Guard4 Annealed Double Strength Insulated Glass with high efficiency Titanium Low-E coating and Argon gas filled airspace also employing Super Spacer Premium.
  • Energy Guard7 Combine three panes of single strength glass with high efficiency Titanium Low-E coating and two dead air spaces filed with insulating Argon Gas and Super Spacer Premium and you have achieved an insulating factor that places this configuration in the top 5% of all insulating glass.
  • Energy Guard10 For the absolute maximum glass insulation EnergyGuard 10 uses three panes single strength glass (two with Titanium Low-E), Super Spacer Premium and 95% Krypton Gas to reach the pinnacle in insulating glass values.
Super Windows by Home Guard Use Super Spacer Premium

Super Windows Use Super Spacer Premium

Super Spacer is the most respected name in the insulated glass spacer systems. Home Guard windows take you one step further by featuring Super Spacer Premium which even outperforms standard Super Spacer. Super Spacer Premium delivers higher UV resistance and a better dew point drop. When outside glass is cold, the spacer is the only defense from bringing that cold to the inside glass panel. When spacers are constructed out of metal, they conduct the cold or heat inside.

With Super Spacer Premium the material is a cellular rigid foam that not only won't conduct heat or cold, but allows the glass to expand and contract (which all glass does!) minimizing seal failure. Super Spacer Premium also has a patented adhesive the creates a bond between the spacer and the glass even before an additional seal is applied. Add to this a mylar film to hold gases in between the panes and you have the most advanced glass seal available today. The added bonus is the cream white color of the spacer to compliment our window's aesthetics.

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